Don’t fall prey to these 6 common myths about bilingualism!

In this video, I debunk common myths that you may have heard about being bilingual. In sum:

MYTH: Bilingualism causes speech disorders and delays.
FACT: Bilingualism does not cause or worsen speech disorders or delays.

MYTH: A child’s brain can’t handle more than one language.
FACT: The human brain can handle multiple languages.

MYTH: Kids mix languages because they’re confused.
FACT: Mixing languages is normal, not a sign of confusion.

MYTH: Kids soak up languages like a sponge.
FACT: Children need significant long-term exposure to both languages to become fluently bilingual.

MYTH: There’s a cut-off age when kids lose the ability to become bilingual.
FACT: People of any age can learn new languages.

MYTH: Kids learn best the language spoken directly to them.
FACT: Kids learn the language best that they overhear the most.


Families who are trying to raise bilingual/multilingual children may find it helpful to create an individualized Family Language Plan with a supportive bilingual professional. If having a guide to help you navigate the ins and outs of implementing effective and realistic bilingual methods and strategies sounds helpful to your family, contact me for a 60 minute initial consultation via Skype.